cTranslated Falcon-7B on OpenNMT-py server

I converted Falcon-7b with cTranslate2:

ct2-transformers-converter --model tiiuae/falcon-7b-instruct --quantization float16 --output_dir falcon-7b-instruct --trust_remote_code

Now, I am trying to serve the model with OpenNMT-py server with the following config:

{"models_root": "./available_models",
    "models": [
            "id": 100,
            "model": "falcon-7b-instruct",
            "ct2_model": "falcon-7b-instruct",
            "timeout": 600,
            "device": "cuda",
            "on_timeout": "to_cpu",
            "load": true,
            "inter_threads": 4,
            "opt": {
                "gpu": 0,
                "beam_size": 2,
                "batch_size": 4096

Here is the response:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/models/OpenNMT-py/server.py", line 6, in <module>
  File "/models/OpenNMT-py/onmt/bin/server.py", line 157, in main
  File "/models/OpenNMT-py/onmt/bin/server.py", line 33, in start
  File "/models/OpenNMT-py/onmt/translate/translation_server.py", line 260, in start
    self.preload_model(opt, model_id=model_id, **kwargs)
  File "/models/OpenNMT-py/onmt/translate/translation_server.py", line 298, in preload_model
    model = ServerModel(opt, model_id, **model_kwargs)
  File "/models/OpenNMT-py/onmt/translate/translation_server.py", line 443, in __init__
  File "/models/OpenNMT-py/onmt/translate/translation_server.py", line 514, in load
    raise ServerModelError("Runtime Error: %s" % str(e))
onmt.translate.translation_server.ServerModelError: Runtime Error: This model cannot be used as a sequence-to-sequence model
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When we did the translation_server it was for … translation.
here is the difference:

  1. Translation: Text translation — CTranslate2 3.16.0 documentation
  2. Generation: Text generation — CTranslate2 3.16.0 documentation

It should not be very difficult to modify the translation_server to make generation instead of translation with ct2. feel free to dive into the code and send a PR.

One alternative is to use the chatbot example here:

and load you Falcon-instruct instead of Vicuna.