Cross-compiling CTranslate

What would be involved in cross-compiling CTranslate? I’m running on a Ubuntu machine, and the binary that I compiled doesn’t work on Mac or Windows. If cross-compiling would be a lot of work, then it would be easier for me to have the build process pushed to our build server; so I’m just trying to get an idea for how involved it would be.

I think you need to use specific compilers, for example mingw32 for Windows. I’m not sure about Mac OS.

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On Windows, you may try to compile using Cygwin. It’s the best way to get a Linux code source to compile on Windows. You then will have it running natively putting the Cygwin DLL with the obtained EXE.

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If you have Windows 10, you can use Microsoft’s official Ubuntu bash for Windows as well. I haven’t tried CTranslate there, but I do use it if I have to work on a Windows machine rather than using Cygwin, DOS, or Powershell.