Convert ArgosTranslate model to OpenNMT model


We are using ArgosTranslate to translate English to Persian using existing pre-trained ArgosTranslate models.
Now, we would like to update ArgosTranslate models by feeding the system new pairs of sentences and their translations. We could not find out how to do it in ArgosTranslate. However, we realized that this is possible in OpenNMT.
Apparently ArgosTranslate uses OpenNMT. So is it possible to convert an ArgosTranslate model to an OpenNMT model and open it, so that the model can be used to re-train?


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ArgosTranslate uses CTranslate2. So essentially they train an OpenNMT-py model and convert it to CTranslate2 format (can’t convert it back from there). To finetune you’d need the ONMT model - don’t know if @argosopentech has a repo or something for those


I mostly haven’t saved the OpenNMT models to save disk space. I don’t still have the OpenNMT-py model for Persian. I’ve tried to automate training instead so the models can be regenerated when I want to use different training data.


I would like to fine-tune the English-Chinese argos model, do you have a corresponding OpenMTT-Py model, or how can I obtain this model