Combine graphs from tensorboard

Hello everyone

I have been working on a problem in machine translation for quite a while and has been using OpenNMT-tf toolkit. Now the problem i have multiple plots from tensor board but i don’t know how to combine. For example i have multiple bleu scores along with the improvement so instead of giving multiple plots (which doesn’t look good) i want a single graph containing multiple plots.

Also how do i cite OpenNMT-tf i have the OpenNMT-py bibtex.

Thank you


I think you can download the plots data as CSV and then combine the results in another software such as Excel. Did you try that?

You can use the same bibtex.

The plots are available as SVG, i dont know if plots are available as CSV in tensorboard.

Enable “Show data download links” in the left panel:


Then you can download the CSV data for each plot: