Cannot find ami-c12f86a1in Amazon EC2 AMI List

In the documentation -> installation -> EC2, it says “The best way to do this is through Docker. We have a public AMI with the preliminary CUDA drivers installed: ami-c12f86a1. Start a P2/G2 GPU instance with this AMI and run the nvidia-docker command above to get started.” I am trying to launch a instance, the first step is to choose an AMI and I cannot find this public AMI. Should I just choose Ubuntu and use the installation guide for Ubuntu? Thanks!

Hi @chiting765,

on North Virginia region, can you try with public AMI - OpenNMT-20140412 - ami-8463e892? Normally, you just need to install OpenNMT there.

Hi @chiting765 - did it work for you? Can we close the case?

Hi @jean.senellart I found the AMI. Please feel free to close this case. Thanks!