Bad data in WMT14 en-de

Anybody noticed that sentences 8-49 in WMT14’s are in English?
And unrelated to the corresponding sentences in train.en?

Can anyone else confirm that?

Is that to build in robustness to bad training?
A mistake?
Anyone checked the rest of it?

  5  die Mitteilungen sollen den geschäftlichen kommerziellen Charakter tragen.
  6  der Vertrieb Ihrer Waren und Dienstleistungen durch das Postfach-System WIRD NICHT ZUGELASSEN.
  7  die Werbeversande (Spam) und andere unkorrekte Informationen werden gelöscht.
  8  ACDSee 9 Photo Manager Organize your photos. Share your world.
  9  No matter what kind of photos you take - of friends and family or artistic shots as a hobby - you need photo software that organizes your shots AND allows you to view, fix        , and share them quickly and easily.
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 11  Your photo collection is growing daily. Family pictures, travel pictures, pictures of your home and garden - with so many photos to look through, how will you find and org        anize your best ones?

I think you won’t ever find a dataset without any issue, of this kind or another.

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