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Attention mechanism without translation

Can I use OpenNMT to get information about attention inside of the sentence?
Without translations. Just how much each word corresponds to every other word in a sentence?

Check this PR and the paper in question :
If you just want to generate alignments you can have a look at fast-align or giza++.

Wait, sorry. This is not what I meant.
I want to have links between words in one sentence. Not bilingual pairs.
Just like that:
THE DOG didn’t cross the road because IT was tired
The dog didn’t cross THE ROAD because IT was wide

I want to have matrices of how every words linked to another words.
I know that it is possible with attention mechanism that is basis of transformer networks.

As I can see, fast-align and GIZA++ works with bilingual pairs.

Oh I see.
This could probably be achieved with self-attention from some Transformer LM or GPT-2 indeed ( But none of this is currently implemented in OpenNMT-py. Feel free to PR if you implement some of it.

You can get the attention matrix from the translation class. But OpenNMT is a seq2seq framework, therefore we need a target sentence. There are many pretrained transformers which you could use to encode the sentence and use the word vectors to construct a tree:

The linking between words is usually done with dependency trees. If you don’t want to experiment, have a look at spacy.