Asking for an Update to a lower version of Cuda?

Greetings fellow researchers,

I am training a transformer model, I have made the setup and installed the tensorflow following this link . I have installed CUDA 11.2 and still the logs are displaying the message provided below :

Is there something that needs to be fixed on my system environment , should I lower my CUDA version.

You may not need to update to CUDA 11.1; cherry-picking the ptxas binary is often sufficient.
2022-06-03 16:12:15.381899: W tensorflow/stream_executor/gpu/] *** WARNING *** You are using ptxas 10.2.89, which is older than 11.1. ptxas before 11.1 is known to miscompile XLA code, leading to incorrect results or invalid-address errors.


It looks like TensorFlow is trying to use the ptxas tool from CUDA 10.2 instead of CUDA 11.2.

Is CUDA 10.2 also installed? You may want to remove this version, or fix your installation so that CUDA 11.2 is used by default.