Any recommendation on how to use a trained OpenNMT model on iOS?


I trained a model on OpenNMT and it does really well on the task. For connectivity reason I need to have an embedded version on iOS, any pointers on how to achieve this and what is the current recommended route? I’ve already read about several approaches:

I wonder how much would need to be re-written, whether any solution can already handle like the attention layers and other specificities of the OpenNMT model. I guess beam search would need to be re-written, anything else?

Thanks a lot!


Which OpenNMT version did you use for your training?

Hi Guillaume!

The version is from Dec 2017 (tensorflow), but I’m not at all against retraining on one of the latest version or even on a different language (pytorch, …).

I think your best bet would be to train a model using the original OpenNMT and try to compile CTranslate for iOS.