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Train process doesn't output any model


(Claudia) #1


I’m training models using opennmt-py but after the training process ends I don’t get any model. I’ve done the process before and I got model files, however since I changed to another server I don’t get the models.
I think the training process is working because in my log files I get all the outputs of the process, but not the models files.

Can you help me with that?
Kind regards!

(Guillaume Klein) #2


You should post the full command line you used for the training.

(Claudia) #3

Hi! This is the command line I’m using

nohup python -data sonar_data/sonar-prepro -save_model sonar-model -save_checkpoint_steps 500 -gpu_ranks 1 -log_file logfilemodel2 &> sonar_data/training2.txt &


(Guillaume Klein) #4

See for example:

(Claudia) #5

Hi Guillaume

I don’t get an error while running the command. My problem is that I don’t get the model files for using in translation. But the training process runs OK because in my log file I can see the models accuracy and ppl.

(Guillaume Klein) #6

Do you have a single GPU? Then use -gpu_ranks 0.
Do you have multiple GPUs? Then use CUDA_VISIBLE_DEVICES=1 python -gpu_ranks 0

(Claudia) #7

Oh now its working! Thanks