How to know validation perplexity?

(Aditya) #1

Sir how to know that validation perplexity in OpenNMT ,when my training period is stop any situation.

(Guillaume Klein) #2

Validation perplexity is printed in the logs and are part of the model filename that is saved after each epoch.

Otherwise see here:

(Aditya) #3

sir i have a doubt i am taking 80% of training corpus , 20% of validation src/tgt i.e differece for the training corpus and also testing corpus is difference it is correct.

(Guillaume Klein) #4

This was already covered in the forum. You could just use:

  • 2000 for validating
  • 2000 for testing
  • the rest for training

(Aditya) #5

i am studying after Applying but i want to ask my training src/tgt corpus is 1 million and validation src/tgt corpus 0.2 million and also testing 0.2 million, validation is different as compression to training also testing is it correct?

(Guillaume Klein) #6

Sorry, I have some trouble to understand what your question or issue is. Could you be clearer?


Thanks very much!