Validation and Translation Perplexity

(Dimitar Shterionov) #1


I am running some tests and trying to figure out something related to perplexity. During training, the validation set is used to validate each model and a perplexity score is generated.

During translation, also a score is generated (that’s the confidence score, according to the comments in the code). If I use the same model and the same set the validation perplexity score and the translation perplexity are different. Can someone say what perplexity refers to in both cases?


(Guillaume Klein) #2


The validation perplexity is the perplexity of the validation’s true target data.
The translation perplexity is the perplexity of the model’s own prediction.

See also this topic:

(Dimitar Shterionov) #3

thanks a lot for the prompt response.
Is there a way to compute the validation perplexity after the model is trained?

Thank you in advance.

(Guillaume Klein) #4

Yes, you can provide the target data during translation with the option -tgt. Then the GOLD perplexity should be comparable with the validation perplexity.

(Dimitar Shterionov) #5

Yes, I checked it in the documentation meanwhile… sorry about the question :).


(Dimitar Shterionov) #6

When computing the GOLD perplexity I get a score closer to the validation perplexity computed during training.

However, they are not the same and I would say they are rather different actually - the one is 7.27, the other is 10.19. I would expect some variation, but that is a bit too much I think. Is that normal? (The prediction perplexity is 2.14).

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(Guillaume Klein) #7

The preprocessing certainly dropped some validation sentences during training (due to length constraints) which are not filtered during translation. That’s the only additional difference I can think of right now.

(Dimitar Shterionov) #8

OK, Interesting,

Thank you.