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Is `early-stopping` available feature in OpenNMT-tf or OpenNMT-py?

I am currently using OpenNMT-tf for machine translation task, but I can’t find any parameter regarding to validation or early-stopping.

Is there one for it in OpenNMT-py?

Thanks in advance!

See features availability here:

and OpenNMT-py related options here:

P.S.: No need to post the question everywhere, you won’t get different answers.

You can find the early_stop options in training script~

group.add('--early_stopping', '-early_stopping', type=int, default=0,
              help='Number of validation steps without improving.')
group.add('--early_stopping_criteria', '-early_stopping_criteria',
              nargs="*", default=None,
              help='Criteria to use for early stopping.')```

Only OpenNMT Pytorch support early stopping